Excellence in Christian Education... 

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Mrs. Nellie Reedy,

High School Education 

​Welcome to Champions Academy. As you research the best educational experience for your child, there is one main question parents must consider:

Does your family desire a partnership with Champions Academy?

At Champions Academy, we strive to educate students in the light of God’s Word to equip them to change the world for Christ. We believe in partnering with families who align with our mission and firmly believe this will fulfill the vision of Champions Academy. We have proudly served our community for over thirty years. At Champions Academy, we value:

  • Academic excellence
  • Integrated Biblical Worldview
  • Qualified professional educators
  • Safe and secure learning environments
  • Opportunities to grow in academics and athletics

I hope to see you on our campus soon. Champions Academy is an exciting place where students are valued and loved by our team.

Nellie P. Reedy, BS, MS,


Mr. Logan Plaster,

Public Relations and HR Coordinator 


Ms. Judy Rife,

High School Education 

Mrs. Joanna Brown,

High School Education and Bookkeeper 

Mrs. Nellie P. Reedy, Principal 

Mrs. Vivanne Kennedy,

High School Education and

Physical Education 

Pastor Doug Johnson,

Chaplin and Volunteer Teacher

Mrs. Crystal Johnson, 

 Student Life Coach Counselor and

Art Education 

Mrs. Judy Sparks,

Elementary Education 

Mrs. Peggy Plaster,

Elementary Education 

Meet Our Staff! 

Pastor Jeremy Smith,

Youth Chaplin and

Student Life Coach Counselor 

 Dana Smith, 

Youth Pastor and

Student Life Coach Counselor