Excellence in Christian Education... 

Two Curriculums: 

Since every student learns differently and at a different pace, we are proud to offer the top two curriculums in Christian Education: A Beka and A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) for your child's maximum success!

Tuition Cost:

$150.00 per month per student. (Any family that enrolls 4 or more children will pay $50.00 per student after the 3rd child is enrolled at regular price).


There will be a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $50.00 per student. All students must be enrolled by July 31st so that materials can be ordered, desk space can be constructed for new A.C.E. students, etc. 

Curriculum must be paid in full by August 15th: 

  • A beka students: $252.00 per semester (Total: $504.00/year)
  • A.C.E. students: $42.00 to start ($7.00 per PACE - billed monthly as student completes them. (Total: $504.00/year)

Three Curriculum Options for Enrollment: 

  1. Choose A Beka 
  2. Choose A.C.E. 
  3. After a curriculum is chosen and later on we see that your child is struggling with it - then we may recommend a change to the other curriculum, but the choice is always yours. 

Payment Options: 

  1. Half of first month's tuition ($75.00) plus enrollment fee ($50.00) due upon enrollment by July 31st ... total = $125.00. Then, curriculum payment is due August 15th or before: A Beka - $252.00 or A.C.E. - $42.00. Finally, the second half of the first month's tuition is due by September 1st: $75.00.
  2. First month's tuition paid in full ($150.00) plus enrollment fee ($50.00) plus curriculum payment by July 31st - total $242.00 for A.C.E. students and $452.00 for A Beka students.