Daily Bible Classes and Pledges

Students participate in daily Bible classes. Each morning, students recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the Pledge to the Christian Flag, and the Pledge to the Bible. Prayer requests are taken daily and bible readings are part of each students daily activity. 

Grading Scale

Champions Academy recognizes a 10-point grading scale for the A Beka Curriculum: 

  • 100-90: A
  • 80-89: B
  • 70-79: C
  • 60-69: D
  • 59-Below: F

Champions Academy recognizes a 80% or above passing score for the ACE Curriculum 

Committed to Academic Excellence

At Champions Academy, we believe that an education centered in the light of God’s Word will, by its very nature, rise to the highest standards of quality and excellence. From K5 to 12th grade, every student is challenged to reach their highest potential. 

About Our Curriculums 

Excellence in Christian Education... 

Accelerated Christian Curriculum (ACE) 

​The Accelerated Christian Curriculum offers a non-traditional approach to education with solid, Christian values based on the Bible. Through the use of PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education) and other facets of A.C.E.’s program, countless students from schools and homeschools have successfully used the curriculum since the early 1970s. 

The ACE Curriculum is different from other curriculum providers because it is an individualized, self-instructional, mastery-based approach. PACEs allow students to absorb subject material at their own pace rather than being forced to learn at a pace set by a teacher in a classroom environment. Instead of being labeled by a chronological grade, each student may advance according to individual learning abilities. For instance, a student placed in the fifth grade in a traditional school setting may be taking varying levels of PACEs in the A.C.E. system. This same student could be taking Level 4 math, Level 5 science, and Level 5 English. Students may move ahead in some subject areas and proceed at a slower pace in others.

The A.C.E. program also enables schools to administer PACEs to multiple students on different grade levels with minimal staffing. Kindergarten and first-level students are taught with a phonics-based program that requires direct instruction from a supervisor. From the second level on, the student is guided by the self-instructional PACEs. School supervisors give limited assistance to help students discover learning through the material.

In addition to curriculum, student programs are offered to enhance students' gifts and talents for ministry work both local and abroad. These student activities include Service Adventure, Regional Student Conventions, International Student Convention, and Educational Assistance.

​Students are tested each spring with a placement test administered by ACE. 

​​Our Programs

A Beka Curriculum 

The A Beka Curriculum, which provides a traditional approach to education based on the truths of God's word. Students in schools using this curriculum attain superior academic achievement and the firm foundation of a Christian worldview. 

Certain classes are lectured by video, while others are teacher taught. All video instructors are master level teachers. Students watch and participate with the video, as if they are in the classroom. Students interact with the video by answering problems at the chalk board and answering questions asked by the video teacher. Degreed teachers instruct classes not video taught. 

Children are tested each spring with the Stanford Standardized Achievement Tests. 

Our small class sizes and caring teachers enable us to provide the best education for our students using the A Beka Curriculum. 

Elementary Program

The elementary program at Champions Academy prepares students to master basic skills necessary for higher order thinking. Each of our self-contained elementary classes include instruction in Bible, reading/phonics, English grammar/spelling, mathematics, writing/penmanship, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education.

Middle School Program

The Champions Academy middle school program prepares students for a smooth transition to high school and includes studies in Bible, English, literature, math [Pre-Algebra, Algebra I], social studies, science, physical education/health, and fine arts.

High School Programs

Champions Academy is committed to superior academic achievement. A balanced and thorough program is offered with all the standard college preparatory classes: Bible, English, mathematics, history, science, foreign language, speech, fine arts, physical education and health. Additionally, students will be provided with opportunities and encouraged to participate in community service projects throughout the year.

Champions Academy offers three diploma tracks. The standard diploma track meets all standards and qualifications required by the state of Virginia for a high school diploma. The college preparatory diploma track offers advanced courses in English, math, science, and foreign language. The Honors College Preparation diploma offers students higher level math and science classes.

Electives Offered For High School Students

  • Teacher Cadet 
  • Word/Document Processing
  • Foreign Language (French and Spanish)
  • Speech/Public Speaking
  • Keyboarding 
  • Athletics 
  • Home Economics 


Students participate in chapel services every Tuesday. Pastor Doug Johnson proudly serves as our Chaplin.